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a所以你一个人要做很多人的事 Therefore you must make very many human of matters [translate] 
a让我把我的朋友介绍给你吧 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这回付的是几个月的房租啊? How many month house rent does this return pays is? [translate] 
a上面的话都不是重点,只是见一面 Above speech is all not key one side, only is sees [translate] 
ayou've seen 您看见了 [translate] 
a顶多 At most [translate] 
aMy friend are My playing in the classroom 我的朋友是我演奏在教室 [translate] 
a我们的学习 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
allaby (Lu-lullaby Lu-lullaby) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a商业促进国家间交流 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们用键盘去输入信息 We use the keyboard infed information [translate] 
amake some noise 弄出一些声响 [translate] 
aAre we an item? Girl quit playing [translate] 
aA boy can do everything for girl,He is just kidding 男孩能做一切为女孩,他是正义哄骗 [translate] 
a高档楼盘 Upscale estate [translate] 
aJe moet het inburgeringsexamen doen. [translate] 
a老师不允许我门把手机带到学校里来 Teacher does not permit my doorknob handset belt to the school in [translate] 
a社会险恶 人心裹测 心不狠 站不稳 只相信自己 묶는 것이 심혼을 측정한 사람들의 사회적인 위험한 의지는 정지에 무자비하지 않게 단지 믿는다 올 수 없다 [translate] 
awhat are fuck doing 什么是交往做 [translate] 
awhat characteristics do you look for in the persons you want to date?For example,do you consider religion,race,ethnic background,age,physical characteristics,financial stste?What else? 您寻找什么特征在您迄今要的人?例如,您是否考虑宗教,种族,种族背景,年龄,物理特性,财政stste ?什么其他? [translate] 
a打动人心、警醒世人 Moves the will of the people, sleeps lightly the common people [translate] 
a你现在需要采购哪些产品吗? Which products now do you need to purchase? [translate] 
a高级职称 High-level title [translate] 
a2006 年,我国每万辆汽车拥有的高速公路为13 公里,是美国的3 倍多,德国的5 倍,加拿大的1 倍多。 In 2006, our country every ten thousand automobiles have the highway is 13 kilometers, is US's more than 3 times, Germany's 5 times, Canada's more than 1 time. [translate] 
aThank you!!!!!And how do you think that boy,the I told you yesterday???Wejust learnt limits of sequences,some theorems and applications and a lot about vectors...Have you learnt that???? 谢谢!!!!! 并且您怎么认为那个男孩,我昨天告诉了您? ? ?Wejust学会了序列,有些定理极限,并且应用和很多关于传染媒介…有您学会那?态度恶劣 [translate] 
awith nothing to say 以没什么说 [translate] 
agerms go through your hand 毒菌审阅您的手 [translate] 
a勇于面对困难的精神 Dares facing the difficult spirit [translate] 
aPersonally, I think that spanking is a last-ditch effort... if behavior isn't changing and is getting more frequent despite countless attempts at alternative discipline. But punishment should never be given out of anger 亲自,我认为打是最后挣扎的努力… 如果行为不改变和得到频繁尽管不计其数的企图在供选择磨练。 但不应该给处罚出于愤怒 [translate] 
a他的讲话内容用了很多夸张的修辞手法 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait is called the Inside Out Project 它称里面射出 [translate] 
ano complication and sequela taken occurrenced 被采取的复杂化和后遗症没有occurrenced [translate] 
a家乡的天气如何 Hometown weather how [translate] 
a我可february 我可2月 [translate] 
aDrunken driving is bound to generate severe consequence if we keep turning a blind eye to it. First and foremost, this behavior will directly threaten the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians, resulting in traffic accidents, injuries and even deaths. Besides, treating the injured and repairing broken cars mean [translate] 
aplay a full game of zen mode every day, 5 days in a ROW. 4 days to go 连续每天播放禅宗方式满垒, 5天。 去的4天 [translate] 
a你听不听 Do you listen [translate] 
aneither john his father was able to wske up early enough to catch the morning train 两者都不约翰 他的父亲能对wske足够及早赶早晨火车 [translate] 
aIn the north of China, there lies a 6,700-kilometer-long (4,161-mile-long) ancient wall. Now well-known as the Great Wall of China, it starts at the Jiayuguan Pass of Gansu Province in the west and ends at the Shanhaiguan Pass of Hebei Province in the east. As one of the Eight Wonders in the world, the Great Wall of Ch [translate] 
a不介意我用宝贝吧 Did not mind I use the treasure [translate] 
a人类真的很伟大, Humanity really very great, [translate] 
a你有意中人了吗? You have had the loved one? [translate] 
a资金不允许 The fund does not permit [translate] 
a你能建议那样做。 You can suggest such does. [translate] 
a1. 了解我们的顾客,内部和外部客户是同样重要的是有效的客户服务。没有良好的内部运作,我们的业务就无法满足外部客户的期望。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI may do a lot of stupid shit,but I know I'm a lot closer to finding someone than you are 我也许做很多愚笨的粪,但我知道我比您是很多离找到某人较近 [translate] 
a如果不放假多好 If does not have a vacation well [translate] 
a听说您已经晋升为公司经理并即将度过四十岁生日,我感到非常高兴。希望您以后健康,富有,快乐,能在事业上取得更大的成功。 Heard your already promoted for company executive and soon passed the 40th birthday, I felt extremely happily.Hoped you later health, rich, joyful, can obtain a bigger success at the enterprise. [translate] 
aFlagship Bio 旗舰生物 [translate] 
a我获得了保送研究生的资格 I obtained have recommended for admission to school the graduate student the qualifications [translate] 
a妈妈常说牛奶对我的健康有好处. Mother often said the milk has the advantage to my health. [translate] 
a老师让我们用自己的方法回答问题 Teacher lets us use own method to answer the question [translate] 
a通常,从一个人的衣着打扮只能判断出这个人对外界人和事的观点。 Usually, only can judge this person from a person's attire appearance to the outside person and the matter viewpoint. [translate] 
a我决定每月留出一些钱,这样明年暑假就可以去香港玩玩. I decided each month keeps some money, such next year summer vacation might go to Hong Kong plays. [translate] 
a卢大爷 lu伯父 [translate] 
a他们都具有很高的道德标准,决不会受诱惑接受如此贵重的礼品 They all have the very high moral standard, can receive in no way entices accepts the so precious present [translate] 
awhich is me 哪些是我 [translate]