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In the Office building, third floor,


Floor 3 in office buildings


In office building three buildings
a我不知道我为什么要给她们电话号码,尽管我怕得瑟瑟发抖 I did not know why I do want to give them the telephone number, although I feared trembles [translate] 
aStop So what 如此停止什么 [translate] 
a太平洋 Pacific Ocean [translate] 
a可以路出你的面目吗? May the road your appearance? [translate] 
a尽快与亨利联系 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amary was the only little girl in her street,but when she was eight years old,another girl came to live in the house next door to hers. 玛丽是唯一的小女孩在她的街道,但,当她是八年,另一个女孩在房子里来居住与她的相邻。 [translate] 
a没有时间锻炼身体 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAnd for those who dont't have time to take a course,there books that tell you how you can do things yourself. 并且为不'的那些人T削减时刻采取有种族,那里书那Tel.您怎么您渐近C事。 [translate] 
aPepsiCo will transfer its indirect equity interests in the bottlers to TAB, and will [translate] 
a相互依赖` Interdependent ` [translate] 
anothing,oops 没什么, oops [translate] 
aNovelin: But I think its ​​​​‎​night already in taiwan Novelin : 但我认为它的夜已经在台湾 [translate] 
a兴趣是可以培养和改变的 The interest is may raise and change [translate] 
aSpecific schedule . 具体日程表。 [translate] 
aauthenticity 真实性 [translate] 
a2006 年,我国每万辆汽车拥有的高速公路为13 公里,是美国的3 倍多,德国的5 倍,加拿大的1 倍多。 In 2006, our country every ten thousand automobiles have the highway is 13 kilometers, is US's more than 3 times, Germany's 5 times, Canada's more than 1 time. [translate] 
ah. Purchase Order number or RMA number h. 订单号或RMA数字 [translate] 
a打动人心、警醒世人 Moves the will of the people, sleeps lightly the common people [translate] 
aYou are my Angel Is it you 您是我的天使 是它您 [translate] 
a怎么说 How said [translate] 
a空中银行服务 Airborne bank service [translate] 
a老师不允许我门把手机带到学校里来 Teacher does not permit my doorknob handset belt to the school in [translate] 
a高档楼盘 Upscale estate [translate] 
a要有一颗勇敢的心 Must have a brave heart [translate] 
ato the TMC429 and would get back from it the datagram 对TMC429,并且从它让回到数据图 [translate] 
a外宣公示语是对外宣传与交流的重要手段之一,其英译文的好坏直接影响我国在国际上的形象。 Outside proclaims male shows the language is one of the foreign propaganda and exchange important methods, its English translation quality affects our country internationally image directly. [translate] 
aTry holding your right hand with left one to give the simplest warth to yourself.Don't long for the giving from other,start to lean to be 拿着您的右手以左边一的尝试给最简单的warth你自己。不要为给从其他,开始长期对倾斜是 [translate] 
aon some point 在一些点 [translate] 
awe need both hands for clap 我们需要两只手为拍手 [translate] 
aI'm a guy who's a guy being a guy 我是人是人的人 [translate] 
aterms of payment 付款期限 [translate] 
ademo mode 演示方式 [translate] 
a韩国好玩么 South Korea is amusing [translate] 
acorporate unit 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a昨晚,记者通过该博友,辗转找到了采访此事的平潭时报一名陈姓记者。对方说,他从平潭海洋与渔业执法大队获悉,平潭方面将邀请厦门水陆生物制品研究所帮忙将灰鲸制成标本,至于标本放在哪里还不太清楚。 Last night, reporter through the profound friend, went through many places had found Pingtan Times Reporter Chen Xing who interviewed this matter.Opposite party said that, he learned from the Pingtan sea and the fishery law enforcement production brigade, the Pingtan aspect will invite Xiamen Amphib [translate] 
a屏蔽区域功能 Shields the region function [translate] 
aall castings shall be supplied in the heat treated condition 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhat does she have? What is cause for runny nose? Test was negative for distemper. 她有什么? 什么是起因为流鼻水? 测试为愠怒是消极的。 [translate] 
a各位,货物已经发出,请注意查收 Everybody, the cargo already sent out, please note searches and collects [translate] 
aThe movie is lush and beautiful, and the actors are well-chosen. You may recall Robert Pattinson (Edward) as Cedric Diggory, who on Voldemort's orders was murdered in a graveyard in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Maybe he was already a vampire. Pattinson is not unaware of how handsome he is. When Bella and Edwa [translate] 
a魔界龙珠 Evil spirit Capsicum anomalum [translate] 
a轴套温度 Axle sleeve temperature [translate] 
aRemember a smile 记住微笑 [translate] 
aDo you have pictures of yourself? Do you have pictures of your own? [translate] 
a 为此,我们投巨资在北美和中国建立了世界一流的生物技术实验基地。经过十几年的努力,我们解决了生物技术方面的若干前沿问题,成功地创立了具有自主知 识产权的蛋白质工程技术平台 Therefore, we threw the large amount of money establish the world first-class biological technology in North America and China to test the base.After several years endeavor, we have solved the biological technology aspect certain front problem, established successfully had the proprietary intellectu [translate] 
aTeaching students in groups has the inherent advantage of enabling shools to use their eqipment and facilities more efficiently. 教学生在小组有使shools的固有好处更加高效率地使用他们的eqipment和设施。 [translate] 
aThe best gift of birthday 生日最佳的礼物 [translate] 
a能熟练使用AutoCAD进行计算机绘图, Can use AutoCAD to carry on the computer cartography skilled, [translate] 
a其间隙为 Its gap is [translate] 
a对某人要求严格 Is strict to somebody request [translate] 
a是什么故事 Is any story [translate] 
ashort but seems long,time of our life. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a通过网络可以搜索到很多外国院校的信息。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a总之,我认为未来的生活是非常方便,非常美好的。 In brief, I thought the future life will be extremely convenient, extremely happy. [translate] 
aJavier Javier [translate] 
a在办公楼三楼 In office building three buildings [translate]